Out and About the Sinai Peninsula


  • Where is Sinai?
  • The History of Sinai
  • What to do in Sinai?
  • How Safe is Sinai?


Have you ever wanted to escape the Hustle and bustle of city life while having a plethora of Things to do?. Well, that makes two of us and although the world is filled with places to go, things to see but few are as mesmerising, Peaceful & Packed with attractions as the Sinai Peninsula in Egypt. Sinai in Egypt, Once a Land of conflict & war now abundant with exotic flora & Fauna, Vivid aqua-marine life, Coastal cities and Resorts amongst other Sinai attractions. Today we will answer some of the questions and concerns you might have about visiting this Beautiful Desert Oasis.

Where is Sinai?


The Sinai Peninsula or otherwise Known as just Sinai in Egypt is the only part of the country located in Asia. Enjoying a central location from the Mediterranean sea to the North & the Red Sea to the South forming a Natural Landbridge Between Africa & Asia. Sinai in Egypt covers a massive landmass of around 60,000 squared kilometres forming almost 6% of Egypt’s total area. The whole of the Sinai Peninsula is split into two main regions, the South and the North Sinai Governorate. Sinai acquired its name based on the belief that a nearby mountain to Sant Catharines Monastery is the Biblical mountain of Sinai, a place of significant religious importance in Abrahamic Faiths. The Climate Sina Peninsula is one of the coolest climates in Egypt mainly because of the high altitude & mountain topographies with winter temperature sometimes reaching minus sixteen degrees Celcius.


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Out and About the Sinai Peninsula


The History of Sinai:


This Land of wonders has been a part of Egypt since the time of the First Dynasty of ancient Egypt unlike the northern region aka the Levant (modern-day Syria, Leboonan, Jordan, Isreal and Palestine). An area frequently contested by several countries due to Strategical location and Cultural diversity. The area has been subjected to several governing entities Starting with the Rule of the ancient Egyptians, named “Mafkat” meaning Country of Turquoise. The area was frequently used by the Egyptians as a source for the precious stone Turquoise. Second, to Rule over Sinai in Egypt were the Persians at the time of Darius the first after the defeat of the Pharoah in the battle of Pelusium. After the Persians came the Romans and Byzantines who conquered the Persians in Sinai with practically no resistance on the 22 of March 106. Then came the Ottomans from 1260 till 1517. In 1906 the ottomans officially handed Sinai to the Egyptian Government aka the United Kingdom as Egypt that was under the British occupation since 1882. After Egypt was freed from its foreign occupation it Nationalized the Suez Canal after which Israeli ships were prohibited from navigating Egyptian National waters Due to the state of war between the two countries. On October 1956 Sinai was occupied by a mixed force from Israel, Britan & France in what was known as the tripartite aggression. Finally, After several confrontations & both large & small scale operations Egypt Launched “operation Badr” to take back Sinai with Syria launching a Similar attack to retake the occupied Golan area. Finally, in 1979, a peace treaty was signed in which it was agreed that Israel would withdraw in several stages with the last being in 1982. Currently, a strict policy is maintained to control the neutrality of the area and its borders.


 What to Do in Sinai?


Sinai in Egypt Is Home to many attractions, activities, fascinating wildlife both on land and in the Sea, Amazing cities such as Dahab, Sharm el-Sheikh and so much more. The Sinai attractions provide you with the rare Chance to Explore both the Beauty of the Desert and its many Geographical and Biological wonders alongside the rejuvenating Red Sea with its refreshingly cool waters. Here are some of the Must-see Sinai attractions & places to visit in Sinai:


St. Catherine's Monastery:



Situated in the Sinai Peninsula at the bottom of Mount Sinai (the biblical mountain) & near to Town of Saint Cathrine. The Name of this Religious landmark finds itself in the Belief that according to tradition the remains of a Christian Martyr, Cathrine of Alexandria was taken by angels to Mount Sanai. Built between the years 548 to 565 the monastery amazingly remains one of the oldest still-functioning Christian monasteries in the world. The monastery’s library houses the second-largest amount of codices & manuscripts in the world dating back to the 4th century. Last but not least the monastery is home to many irreplaceable pieces of art and the best collection of early icons in the world.




Sharm El Sheikh:



Located in the far South of the Sinai Peninsula Sharm el-Sheikh was barely noticeable back in 1970. Now flourished into a dream holiday destination for the weary traveller with over one million individuals visiting it yearly. Offering a variety of activities such as scuba diving, windsurfing, kitesurfing and the chance to swim between schools of colourful fish and captivating coral formations, making it a favoured spot for divers. Another way to Enjoy what Sharm el-Sheikh has to offer is through its lively nightlife, Local Bedouin culture and spending the night under a star-struck sky around a cosy fire. Not into camping? Have no fear because Sharm el Sheik has many prestigious hotels such as the Four Seasons & the Meridien amongst others




Ras Mohamed National Park:



After the Return of the Sinai Area to Egyptian sovereignty, the Ras Mohamed Area was put under protection shielding the marine & terrestrial wildlife from fishing and other human activities. Located 12 kilometres from Sharm El Sheikh in the Red Sea Riviera and a safe place for much exotic wildlife, The park currently houses 220 species of coral (125 of them are soft coral), 100 fish species, 40 starfish species and 100 species of crustaceans falling nothing short of outstanding and any animal lovers dream destination.







Out and About the Sinai Peninsula


How safe is Sinai?

Due to the Expansive, mountainous terrain & the multitude of clashing cultures in the area, Sinai has always struggled to maintain its image as a safe travel destination. However, it is safe to say that a large amount of the conflict occurs away from tourist attractions and untargeted towards tourists with the majority of visitors enjoying an incident-free experience.


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In Conclusion, the Sinai Penisula in Egypt is just what the doctor ordered for all those seeking rest & Relaxation, Serenity, Beauty, Great companionship, underwater adventures and an Unparalleled Travel Experience.

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