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Time to Explore Egypt

Egypt information

Know more General Informations About Egypt which may help you to plan your trip and spend a wonderful time.

Private Tours Egypt

Here at memphis tours, we are pleased to offer our clients a more personal service with Private Tours and Guides!

Red Sea and Sinai

The Red Sea Coast and the Sinai Peninsula have an extraordinary abundance of ‘things to do’ to suit all tastes and ages!

The Nile Valley

The wonderful cities of Egypt lie along those parts of the Nile valley . Know more about the cultural and historical sites of Ancient Egypt, The Nile Valley .!

Egypt Oases

Ranging from area such as Fayoum to Bahariya Oasis with the White Desert, Farafra Oasis, Dakhla Oasis, Kharga Oasis, historical Siwa Oasis and more.

Egypt Golf

Egypt has an extensive range of exclusive Golf Ranges throughout Egypt and easily bookable before arrival.

Diving in Egypt

Egypt always was and always will be one of the world’s best diving spots due to the Red Sea with its incredible colourful coral reefs!

Alexandria Attractions

Many attractions and tours still remain in Alexandria such as the Ancient Catacombs, Old Citadel Fort of Qaitbey!

Cairo Attractions

Know more about Attractions in and around Cairo . Pyramids of giza , Khan El Khalili , The Egyption Museum and More.

Fayoum Attractions

Fayoum is another one of Egypt’s ‘hidden gems’. A lovely city hosting 2 Pyramids, the beautiful Lake Qaroun and more!

Luxor Attractions

Known as the world’s largest ‘Open Air Museum’ for its sheer number of ancient sites and attractions!

Aswan Attractions

Aswan is unique in it’s own right having the wonderful Nubian culture of colour and history!