Dahab and Nabq Bay Sharm El Sheikh


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Dahab in Egypt is one of the towns that enjoy stunning wildlife. Its name translates to the world gold in the English language. The general belief is That the area’s name came from its golden sandy beaches. d, Another theory is that the name originates from how the clearness and purity of the seawater reflects a Golden Hue of Beauty. Setting aside the debate around the naming of Dahab, there is no doubt that it constitutes a great destination for anyone seeking some seaside rest and enjoyment surrounded by some amazing nature.



Dahab’s Location


The unique location of Dahab in South Sinai on the Aqaba Gulf, right between Sharm El-Sheikh & Nuweiab makes it a great touristic city.  In terms of distance, Dahab lies about 100 K.M from Sharm El-Sheikh and 87 K.M from Nuweiba. Dahab is void of any Airports until today, making the best route to Dahab if via flight from Cairo to Sharm El-Sheikh and then Dahab via car. As for moving around while in Dahab. taxis & minibusses are the way to go.



Dahab and Nabq Bay Sharm El Sheikh


Things to do in Dahab


one of the most beautiful and well-known tourist venues on the Gulf of Al-Aqaba is the Nabq nature reserve, located between Sharm-El sheik and Dahab.  The reserve is considered as part from Sharm El-Sheikh city and it occupies an area of 600 square kilometers. In 1992 it was announced officially as a nature reserve due to the natural diversity of the place.   In Nabq, you will be greeted by mountains, sand dunes 7 deserts where you will find a lot of animals including foxes, deer, different types of reptiles, and the annually migrating eagles amongst others. Alongside such amazing wildlife, you will find the Nomadic tribes of the Nabq area whos welcoming nature & courtesy is bound to give you the full bedouin desert life experience. Another great activity you can give a try in the Nabq area would be diving. Diving in the waters of El Nabq is a once in a lifetime experience, courtesy of the colorful and various coral reefs, fishes, manta rays & other aquatic wildlife. Last but not least comes the agriculture in the Nabaq area, home to over 134 kinds of rare plants, most famous of them the Mangrove plant that grows on the seashores.


Dahab is filled with an amazing variety of things to do. For female travelers, One would be to hit the local markets and check the gold and silver structures or handmade accessories, bags & souvenirs. A good market to start with would be the El-Ghazala market, the most famous market in Dahab. Another great way to calm the mind and soul is to get into yoga. For those thirsty for adventure the safari tours, hiking & climbing trips in Dahab. Last but not least for the lovers of all that is sea-related windsurfing, kitesurfing & parasailing are some great activities to try.


Dahab and Nabq Bay Sharm El Sheikh


Best Places to Dive in Dahab

Dahab is rich in world-class diving centers & venues, with 9 ruling supreme as the best diving venues in the world. and here they are:
The blue hole: Located near to the seashore and easily accessible without necessarily needing a boat. Another name for the blue hole is divers cemetry. The blue hole acquired this name out of a belief that divers tend to dive deeper into the water to explore its beauty causing the degree of water pressure to increase. 

The canyon: Second to the Blue hole but no less amazing, comes the Canyon. This diving area takes the form of a cave inside the sea which only divers with a 2-star diving certificate at the least are allowed to explore as it is considered dangerous.


The three poles: This area was given this name due to the three poles protruding from the coral reefs. the depth of the waters in the area is 10 meters and is absolutely safe for beginner divers. 



Dahab and Nabq Bay Sharm El Sheikh


The Caves: coming in forth the caves is 5 minutes away from the towers and is filled with colorful varieties of coral reefs, giving it a cave shape. 


The Lights & Eal Garden: The lights are equally filled with amazing aquatic life and are one of the best training grounds in Dahab for beginner divers. The real Garden is also one of the most famous & diving venues and is filled with aquatic life and perfect for water-related activities such as snorkeling & windsurfing. 


Abo Galum, umm Sid & the southern Oasis: All these areas are known for their amazing wildlife and nature with Abo Galum famous for the sea plant of the same name. 

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