Egypt Maps | Where is Egypt on the Map

Egypt Maps | Where is Egypt on the Map

Asking where is Egypt on the Map! Find a detailed Map of Egypt and its many cities and attractions to begin deciding where you want to go with Memphis Tours.

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Egypt Map


Home to one of the most ancient Egyptian Civilizations of the pharaohs Egypt is the central hub for tourism around the world. With Never Ending catalog of places and things to do your never gonna have a dull minute in this exceptional country. Visit the landmarks of Egypt on a journey of a lifetime.


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Egypt Maps | Where is Egypt on the Map


Cairo Maps:

The Crown Jewel and Beating Heart of Egyptian tourism, Cairo is adequately situated in Northern Egypt aka Known as Lower Egypt 165 kilometers south of the Mediterranean Sea. Housing the top attractions in Egypt such as the Great Pyramids of Giza, The Sphinx, and the Egyptian Museum amongst others.


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Egypt Maps | Where is Egypt on the Map


Alexandria Map:

Overlooking the Mediterranean the captivating city of Alexandria enjoys a timeless charm few cities do. The Second Largest City in Egypt situated on the Southern Coast of the Mediterranean Alexandria offers a plethora of attractions such as Ford Qaitbey, Bibliotheca Alexandra, and much more.


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Egypt Maps | Where is Egypt on the Map



Aside from being a city in upper (southern) Egypt and the Captial of Luxor Governorate Luxor is truly a sight for sore eyes. Home to a handful of relics and Egypt's archaeological Landmarks on both its west and east bank. Witness history as it comes to life in the Valley of the Kings, Karnak Temple, and El Deir El Bahari.


Luxor Day Trips


Egypt Maps | Where is Egypt on the Map



No trip to Egypt is complete without a Visit to Aswan a city nestled to the North of The High Dam and lying on the East Bank of the Nile. Not only a sight for sore eyes but a treasure trove of Egyptian history with several historic locations such as the Temple of Kumbh and Aswan botanical islands.


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Egypt Maps | Where is Egypt on the Map


Abu Simbel:

Enjoying an exceptional location in the south of Egypt not far from the border of Sudan. An archaeologists dream come true Aswan is riddled with relics of Egypt's past such as the Majestic Temple of Ramses II, Philae Temple, and Kom Ombo amongst many other captivating locations.


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Egypt Maps | Where is Egypt on the Map



One of the cardinals and unmissable places to visit in the Red Sea area is the exceptional Hurghada.  The city of the Red Sea Hurghada offers a unique blend of recreation and coastal activities such as Snorkeling, unspoiled beach fronts amongst many others, and a chance to lay back and enjoy the crisp Hurghada sun.


Hurghada Excursions


Egypt Maps | Where is Egypt on the Map


Sharm El- Sheikh: 

Situate on the southern tip of the Jaw-droppingly Beautiful Sinai peninsula in the south of peninsula. Including the no lesser coastal towns of Dahab and Nuweiba. Not only offers a unique coastal experience but also an adventure for those seeking one. Prepare yourself for a journey of unparalleled proportions.


Pyramids, The Nile & Sharm El Sheikh


Egypt Maps | Where is Egypt on the Map


El Gouna: 

Home to one of the most prestigious film festivals in the Middle East the Gouna Film Festival El Gouna enjoys an exceptional location in the Read Sea Gouvernante. Constructed by Samih Sawiris and built to the Liking of Modern European architecture el Gouna is every tourist's dream destination.


Cairo, Nile Cruise & Hurghada


Egypt Maps | Where is Egypt on the Map



Dahab Is Located on the Southeast coast of the Sinai Peninsula and 80 kilometers Northeast of Sharm el-Sheikh in Egypt. This once Bedouin fishing village is now one if not the most divine destinations in Sinai. Filled with activities to do it's a Heavenly escape from the hassle of city life.


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Egypt Maps | Where is Egypt on the Map


Marsa Alam:

A hidden Gem in the neverending expansive gallery that is Tourism in Egypt. Adequately situated in the South East of Egypt Marsa Alam is a premium choice not only for internal tourism but also for external tourism. A safe haven of Aquamarine life ranging from crocodile fish to Octopuses offering an unparalleled tourist experience.



Cairo, Nile River & Sea

Egypt Maps | Where is Egypt on the Map


El Fayoum: 

Rediscover Egypt through the Rural countryside of Egypt as you visit the city of El Fayoum. Locates in the Middle of Egypt and Capital of the modern Faiyum Governorate. Enjoy the luscious green of the Countryside and the Heartwarming hospitality of Egypt with attractions like the Hanging Mosque, Lahun Pyramids, and more.



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Egypt Maps | Where is Egypt on the Map



A coastal city in the eastern part of the Sinai Peninsula. Historically and traditionally occupied by different biduain tribes the Tarabin of the North, Muziena area offers a true desert and rustic and authentic experience. Aside from the truly exceptional experience, there are many places to visit like the Nuweiba castle and port.



Road from Pyramids to Luxor

Egypt Maps | Where is Egypt on the Map


St Catherine: 

Elevated at a towering height of 1,586 m and located at the outskirts of El Tur Mountains and one of the cities of the South Sinai Governorate. A city existing since the pharaonic area going through to the Roman and Byzantine era. Enjoying a mix of history, climate and serenity its a city you simply just can't pass visiting.


St Catherine from Sharm Marina

Egypt Maps | Where is Egypt on the Map


Port Ghalib :

One if not the most Popular Places across Egypt both for the locals and tourists Port Ghalib is a place you will regret not seeing by yourself. Located in the City of Marsa Alam and is home to many exquisite and breathtaking attractions and locations such as the City of Gold and the Port Ghalib Resort.



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Egypt Maps | Where is Egypt on the Map


Ras Mohamed: 

Ras Mohamed is not just a tourist attraction but a place with a lot of nautical and on-the-ground wildlife. A Natural wildlife reserve Located in the south of Sinai 12 Kilometres from Sharm El-Sheikh. Amongst the Divergent and exclusive marine wildlife in Ras Mohamed, it is famous for its multi-chromatic coral reefs.


Egypt Maps | Where is Egypt on the Map



Safaga also known as port Safaga is located on the coast of the Red sea located 53 kilometers south of Hurghada. A tourist area consisting of a series of bungalows and rest houses. With its breezy climate, pristine beaches, and great companionship all offer a once-in-a-lifetime experience.


Luxor Day Trip from Safaga Port

Egypt Maps | Where is Egypt on the Map


Abu Galum: 

Spread Over a wapping 500 square Kilometers and Strategically situated East of South Sinai Abu Galum is one of the Key attractions and few wildlife reserves in the Sinai Area. The Ideal heading for any nature lover the reserve hosts over 167 plant species of which 44 can only be found there and a large collection of different animal species.



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Egypt Maps | Where is Egypt on the Map


El Quseir:

El Quseir is one of the many unknown wet truly exceptional and ancient cities of Egypt. Located on the Red Sea coast in eastern Egypt. Spanning a lifetime of over 5000 years it's a must-see destination for any History enthusiast with captivating attractions acting as a testament to the country's ancient civilization


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