Turkey Travel Advisor

Historical Facts

Turkey Travel Advisor: Turkey is a modern country in Western Asia and Eastern Europe. Ankara is the country's capital. Its borders are shared by eight nations: Bulgaria, Greece, Georgia, Iran, Iraq, Syria, Armenia, and Azerbaijan. Its territory spans two continents. The Ottoman Empire came into being after Sultan Selim I defeated the Mamluks at the Battle of Marj Dabiq in 1516. Most of the current Middle East area was formerly part of the empire. However, after World War One, it was eventually abolished.
Following this, the Republic of Turkey was established, with Mustafa Kemal as its first leader. Several coups have occurred since then, but democracy has remained the dominant system.

Local Time

Turkey Travel Advisor: Turkey Time (TRT) is the country's current standard time zone and is always three hours ahead of Greenwich Mean Time (GMT).

Turkey's geographic location and climate

Turkey Travel Advisor: Turkey is located in the Eastern Mediterranean region, Turkey is a large country with a diverse climate ranging from subtropical to cold. This indicates that it contains a vast variety of vegetation and wildlife in addition to a wide range of weather patterns. The Central Anatolian Plateau is home to cities like Ankara, which enjoy a typical continental climate.
On the other hand, coastal regions like Izmir get a more tolerable Mediterranean climate. Istanbul has hot summers and cold winters in a humid subtropical environment. Turkey boasts various weather conditions in each of its regions, some of which also have a shoreline of several seas while sharing its borders with these lovely neighbors, each of which has a separate mountain range and temperature. Consequently, it is challenging to compile a stable list of national average temperatures.

When is the best time to visit?

Turkey Travel Advisor will answer you; A great time to visit is from the months of May through September which is ideal for travel since the weather is consistently lovely and the Mediterranean Sea has warmed up.

The Beautiful Landscape

Turkey Travel Advisor: Turkey is mostly a mountainous country, with the high plateaus of Anatolia being relatively confined to the country's maritime boundaries on its Asian side.
The Taurus Mountains run across the southern half of the nation, and the Koroglu and Pontic mountain ranges encircle its northern area. Mount Ararat (16.945 feet or 5.165 meters) remains the highest mountain in Turkey. Uludoruk, reaching 15.563 feet in the southeast, Demirkazik Peak, at 12.320 feet, and Mount Aydos, at 11.414 feet.

Thrace Plane and Strandzha Mountain encircle the European region, which is divided from Anatolia (Asia Minor) on the west by the Black Sea, Marmara Sea, Bosphorus Strait, Dardanelles Strait, and the Aegean Sea.

Demographics and Population

With over 85 million people, Turkey Travel Advisor: Turkey has the 17th-highest population in the world. The demographic of the nation is varied and diversified, with Turks making up around 75% of the total, Kurds 20%, and other communities including Assyrians, Jews, Albanians, and Greeks 5%. 99% of Turks are Muslims, and 1% are Christians. Kurdish and Arabic are also spoken in addition to Turkish, which is the official language.

Economy and Trade

With a GDP of $800 billion, Turkey's economy is the 20th largest in the world.
Turkey Travel Advisor: The official currency of Turkey is the Turkish Lira (TRY), which is also the most widely used medium of trade there. 51% of jobs are in the service sector.

Food and Cuisine

Turkey Travel Advisor: Turkish cuisine has been ranked among the top 5 in the world, and owes much of its diversity to the country's extensive geography, diverse climes, types of soil, and other environmental factors.
Turkey is a wonderland for any food enthusiast offering everything from the olive oil-based delicacies of the Mediterranean and Aegean beaches to pasta-based pastries in Central Anatolia and the greatest beef in its Eastern area.

Best Destinations to visit with Turkey Travel Advisor

See the ancient historical locations with our Turkey Travel Advisor; Just a few examples are Patara, Ephesus, and Aphrodisias. Even though Ephesus is the biggest and best-known of the three, the lesser sites sometimes provide interesting insights into the distant past, albeit without the crowds.
  • Visit the local market- A wide variety of fruits and vegetables, cheese, herbs, and spices may be found in traditional markets. Keep an eye out for the smaller vendors since they frequently sell handmade bread and fresh eggs. Of course, we also have to emphasize the Turkish specialty: handcrafted souvenirs. There are many treasures available, including brilliant ceramics, colorful rugs, and mosaic lamps.
  • Eat the traditional 'lokanta.'- Every village has a basic kitchen that serves 'sulu yemek,' which is food that is served in liquid form. But in truth, it's much more than that. You may visit the kitchen and browse the traditional food in the pots. Beans may be found in lentil soup, aubergine moussaka, pilav rice, and tomato sauce. Even if the restaurant won't have the most enticing décor or the finest tableware, the meals will more than makeup for it.
  • Visit the Turkish barbershop- For the men, this is more than simply an electric shaver replacement. Turkey Travel Advisor: The experience will probably also entail having the hairs on your nose and ears singed, as well as a shoulder and arm massage, in addition to a close shave, hair wash, and trim.
  • Istanbul- The city of the past, present, and future is the finest way to characterize the thriving capital. Istanbul serves as a bridge between Asia and Europe, so it's hardly surprising that it's become one of the most popular travel destinations worldwide. The Sultan Ahmed Mosque, Topkapi Palace, and the Grand Bazaar - one of the world's largest and oldest markets - are all must-sees.
  • Bodrum- Trust us, this location is great. Excellent Aegean beaches, mouthwatering eateries, chic marinas, and the town center with Bodrum Castle are all nearby. The resorts in the north have turned into a refuge for sun worshippers as a result of the breeze reaching the southern part of the peninsula.
  • Antalya- Antalya, often known as the Turkish Riviera, is blessed by nature with a variety of stunning beaches, yachts that stretch for miles, and a lush interior. You can't go wrong with such a fantastic canvas.

Other Fascinating Facts by Turkey Travel Advisory 

•    If you're on a tight budget, think about traveling during the winter when hotel and airfare costs are relatively lower than they are during the summer.
•    However, the south has extremely hot summers. Come to Antalya between late August and mid-September to witness turtle hatchlings on the region's beaches.
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