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Rabat in Morocco is its current capital and the seventh-largest city in the country with a population of approximately 500,000 people. Remarkable for its unique landscape that speaks of its rich cultural heritage and customs, this city is one of the most visited cities in Africa. In this article, we shall examine the city of Rabat, its cultures, traditions, history, and significance to the development of modern Morocco.
Wiki of Rabat

History of Rabat Morocco

Rabat in Morocco dates back to the Phoenician period, approximately 3000 years ago. The fertile land of the plains of Rabat was the major factor that made the Phoenicians and the Romans set up a trading post along the Bou Regreg River in Sala. These happened in the 10th century, and long after the fall of the Roman Empire, this new settlement was still active. It then developed into an independent community known as the Amazigh kingdom. The name of the city is derived from the Ribat, which was built by the Zenata tribe in the current location where the city now has its Kasbah.
Around the 12th century, the Almohads arrived at the shores of Rabat and rebuilt the city into a Kasbah, which served as a strategic location for their military campaigns in Spain. Under the Almohad, the city experienced great prosperity and economic strength, but these soon declined drastically after the fall of the Almohad dynasty. In the 17th century, Rabat became a stronghold for Barbary pirates who dealt in the slave trade, but later, around 1912, the French established a protectorate over Morocco and made Rabat the capital. In 1955, Morocco gained its independence, and Rabat in Morocco has since been its capital.
Wiki of Rabat


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Rabat in Morocco is located on the shores of the Bou Regreg river and the Atlantic Ocean. It covers a total area of about 117km2 opposite sale. It is one of the four imperial cities of morocco located in the northwestern part of Morocco.
Wiki of Rabat




The climate of Rabat in Morocco is quite a remarkable one. It features a mild and temperate climate that shifts from cool winter days to warm days in the summer months. The nights are always cool or fairly cold during winter; during the day, the temperature can rise to about 8⁰C. 


Wiki of Rabat


Local Customs 


Apart from the amazing structures and monuments found in Rabat in Morocco, it's also famous for the beautiful and unique cultures and traditions it holds in high esteem. its culture and traditions have been a very important part of its history. If you visit the famous Medina, you can see for yourself the works of ancient artists made with fabric, leather, gold, and silver. The famous unique Rabat carpet made from the best materials into a masterpiece of artistic beauty can also be found in shops and stalls all around Rabat City.

Also, Rabat in Morocco is a place of music and dance. The city celebrates a lot of numerous music festivals to showcase its musical brilliance. Every year, free concerts are held all over the city with unique sounds and beautiful music played by famous international and local artists. 
Wiki of Rabat




The cultural brilliance of Rabat in Morocco contributes greatly to the delicious delicacies that this beautiful city is known for. There are a lot of different spicy local dishes that are prepared and served in restaurants and homes all over this wonderful city, so if you find yourself anywhere in the city of Rabat, here are some amazing dishes you can try.

•    Zaaluk 
This is a spicy salad that is prepared mainly in this city, made from mashed eggplants and Tomatoes mixed with a lot of spices, it is served as an appetizer or alongside with a heavier meal such as the Tagine.

•    Lmrozia 
The Lmrozia is a local Moroccan dish that is commonly served in Rabat in Morocco. Made from over 40 different types of spices and herbs, it is usually prepared during special occasions and religious festivals. It is also served in restaurants all over the city.

•    Rfissa 
Considered as a woman’s dish, this local dish is not commonly prepared in the city. The meal is very tasty and is something you don’t want to miss. 
Wiki of Rabat


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Best Places to Visit in Rabat Morocco

There are a lot of beautiful and fascinating places of Rabat in Morocco that tourists visit every day of the year. These tourist attractions showcase the history and cultural heritage of this city. A lot of museums, monuments, artworks, gardens, and more are spread all over this city for tourists to see and appreciate. 

•    The Hassan Tower 
Built by King Yacoub al-Mansour of the Almohad dynasty, the unfinished Hassan tower was his vision of an ideal mosque. This beautiful building showcases the ancient sophisticated building styles of the city of Rabat and is considered one of the major and most important tourist attractions of the city.

•    Medina 
This is the most famous attraction of Rabat in Morocco, containing hundreds of building from the 17th century, the medina is one of the most important tourist spots in Africa. It has even been named a world heritage center by UNESCO

•    The Oudaias Kasbah 
The oudaias Kasbah is one of the city’s largest tourist spots. It contains a lot of building built as far as the 11th century among which is the famous Kasbah Mosque. There are a lot of interesting places for you to visit in this wonderful city, the places listed above are just a few examples of wonderful places you shouldn’t miss if you ever find yourself in this wonderful city.
Wiki of Rabat


Travel advice


Even though Rabat in Morocco is a relatively safe city, you should be security conscious when you arrive in Rabat City. Take necessary security precautions when you move around the city, avoid interaction with suspicious people, and also try as much as possible to go only to places you feel are safe enough. Another important thing you should know is that the majority of the Moroccan population are Muslims, so respect the religion of Islam by dressing moderately & conservatively when you move around in the city. 

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Wiki of Rabat
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