Attractions in and around Alexandria

Step back in time and imagine yourself in a huge port City during Greco- Roman times. A bustling Port with trade coming and going under the rule of Alexander the great. Many attractions and tours still remain in Alexandria such as the Ancient Catacombs, Old Citadel Fort of Qaitbey, Pompey’s Pillar, wreck diving to see underwater treasures from these times and more. Explore the various sides of the diverse City of Alexandria, the Pearl of the Mediteranean. Alexandria remained the capital of Egypt for nearly a thousand years and was immensely prosperous because of its strategic trading location between the Mediterranean and the Red Sea. It also became the centre of learning for the ancient world, and retains its academic importance to this day. We will take on a journey to learn about the history and to know the world famous monuments of the 2nd largest city of Egypt.

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