Fayoum Attractions

Fayoum is another one of Egypt’s ‘hidden gems’. A lovely city with a history often forgotten, hosting Pyramids, beautiful Nature with an abundance of wildlife, waterfalls, an Oasis and pottery houses to discover the ancient pottery still made from many centuries ago. Memphis Tours tells you everything you need to know about the region of Kom Oshim, where the history of Fayoum still remains. Explore the Qarun Lake, where you can enjoy both: Nature and History at the same time. It's also known as one of the famous places for bird watchers. Egypt has more Pyramids than the famous Pyramids of Giza. The Maidum Pyramid in Fayoum with its unusual shape, is definitely worth your visit. There is also the delightful landscape of Wadi El Rayan, where you can enjoy the waterfalls, the oasis and the wildlife of desert. Not to forget the Tunis Village. Originally created by two poets who aimed to inspired the locals to become artists, the Tunis Village gives you a great chance to be inspired by the craft the friendly villagers create.

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