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The Ultimate Egyptian Grand Museum Guide

New Grand Egyptian museum

If you are a fan of Egypt's rich history and culture, then you must have heard about the Grand Egyptian Museum. It is one of the most anticipated openings in the world of tourism, and, after a couple of postponements, finally, the opening of the new Egyptian museum was announced to be in 2020. Even though there isn’t a specific date, analysts are suggesting that it will open in early 2020.


The Grand Egyptian Museum is set to be a world-class facility that will further increase Egypt's tourism potential. It is a newer, bigger, and more modern museum that showcases Egyptian history in a better environment. If you are looking to tour the land of the pharaohs in 2020, then you need to add a visit to the new Egyptian museum to your bucket list. In this article, we will learn all the significant facts about the Grand Egyptian Museum.
Let’s go!

In 2002, the architectural competition for the new Egyptian museum took place, with entries from more than 80 countries. The contestants were supposed to design the building that would eventually become the Grand Egyptian Museum. In 2003, Heneghan Peng Company (from Ireland) was named the winner, and it has been such a journey since then.


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What happens to the old museum?


As the opening of the Grand Egyptian Museum draws ever closer, many people try to wonder how this will affect the old museum. The current museum was built in 1902 and has a world-class collection of antiquities. It has been visited countless times over the decades, and it seems to have reached its prime. The current museum is said to lack the capacity to house artifacts. Change is a constant, and with new discoveries coming up every now and then, the current museum is just too small. Also, there are problems such as poor lighting and low temperatures in the current museum. Currently, many items are unavailable for viewing as a result of their size. With the incorporation of technology, the Grand Egyptian Museum will make it easier to protect and maintain artifacts.




What will the new museum look like?



The goal of the new Egyptian Museum remains the same: displaying artifacts in the best possible environment. Unlike the old museum, the GEM (Grand Egyptian Museum) is placed in a much more accessible area, and it has a modern appeal. It is projected to have about 28 shops, a 3D cinema, 10 restaurants, and a conference center, to name a few.


The museum is located just 2 kilometers away from the pyramids. This makes it easy for tourists to visit both the pyramids and the museum on the same day. The Grand Egyptian museum is a significant edifice as it will stand at a whopping 5.2 million square feet when complete.
The main gallery of the museum is divided into four eras:



  • Predynastic and the old kingdom (the folks that built the pyramids)

  • Middle Kingdom

  • The New Kingdom

  • The Greco-Roman Kingdom

Furthermore, these galleries will be organized based on themes such as belief and eternity, kingship and power, and society, to name a few. The museum also offers a stunning view of the pyramids through its tall glass windows. That’s not all; your kids are not left out of the excitement of learning about the history of ancient Egypt. There is a children's museum within the Grand Egyptian Museum; here, children are taught about Egypt's ancient world using visual art techniques.




What can I expect? 


Tourists can expect the Grand Egyptian Museum to be less crowded as there is more space for everyone to move around and learn about Egyptian antiquities. Currently, there are thousands of artifacts that have been stored away for safekeeping because the current museum doesn’t have enough room. According to the antiquities minister, more than 20,000 unseen relics will be unveiled at the grand opening of the new museum.


You can also expect to see items that have not been shown to the public since their discovery in 1922. When it is opened, the GEM will surely impress as it will be the most prominent archaeological museum in the world. Also, it has been designed to offer an immersive experience that will help you relive history. Unlike the current museum, where visitors walk by and admire artifacts, the grand Egyptian museum will give you the chance to step into the lives of famous Egyptian kings.



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Economic Benefits


The Grand Egyptian Museum is expected to have a tremendous effect on the Egyptian economy. The project has been an enormous undertaking for Egypt because of its significance. The GEM is significant because it will preserve history and revive Egyptian tourism.


There have been specific questions asked about the need to spend such vast amounts on a museum. However, these questions have been shut off by the fantastic prospects that the new site offers. After several delays and setbacks, the dream of architects in 2002 is finally coming to life in 2020. The Grand Egyptian Museum will positively affect local businesses both directly and indirectly. Apart from several jobs being created (both for construction and subsequent staffing), several local businesses, such as hotels, shops, and tour companies, will benefit from the opening of the Grand Egyptian Museum.



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Rounding off


Over the decades, tourism has played a pivotal role in the Egyptian economy. When it finally opens, the Grand Egyptian Museum will exist as a world of its own with several unique experiences. Are you ready to enjoy an experience like no other amongst one of the world's greatest civilizations? You can learn all that you need to know by being a part of a perfectly replicated setting that clearly depicts historical events. The new museum plan is to connect the modern with the ancient through the use of technology.
Currently, you can book a private tour of the Grand Egyptian Museum for $250. This way, you can check out everything that is in the works. The private tour lasts for 4 hours, and it offers insightful explanations regarding the museum.


According to the minister of antiquities (Ahmed Issa), the Grand Egyptian Museum is a gift from Egypt to the world. There is no doubt that the New Egyptian Museum will welcome millions of visitors from all parts of the world. Although there have been several delays with the $1 billion project, it is finally set to open in 2023. As construction workers put the finishing touches on the project, we can all look forward to its scheduled opening.


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