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The Imperial Cities of Morocco

Tangier Morocco


Choosing to be a part of the Moroccan Tour is one of the best decisions you will ever make in your life. There are a few places in the world you can visit that are worthwhile. Morocco is one such place. The country is close to Europe but a different place entirely in terms of culture. 

The Imperial Cities of Morocco are not just historically significant but magnificent in beauty and style and are home to some of the best places to visit in Morocco. Don’t forget to bring your camera along because you will wish you did if you fail to do that. The tour is short but it promises several tremendous experiences at some of the best places to visit in Morocco that you will relive all lifelong.


Tips Of The Iceberg

Words cannot accurately describe the beauty and magnificence of the Imperial Cities of Morocco. Only those who go there can truly understand the experience. However, I will do my best to give you a description of the Imperial Cities of Morocco and the best places in Morocco so that you can know what to expect. 

The Imperial Cities of Morocco include Fez, Rabat, Meknes, and Marrakesh. These cities are the historical capital cities of Morocco. They are all listed as World Heritage sites by UNESCO. What is so special about these four cities? Find the answer below:

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Of the four Imperial Cities of Morocco, Fez is the oldest and the most ancient. If you are looking for a city that represents the spiritual heart of the nation, it is Fez. The first settlers in this city were Islamic refugees from Spain and Tunisia due to their proximity to the country. 

There is so much that meets the eye in this city. You can simply enjoy the flow of daily life of the city in the midst of the intense sounds, sights, and scents of the exotic medina. Otherwise, you can choose to spend your leisure time relaxing in a cool, blue-tiled courtyard by a splashing fountain. The city is also home to some of the most interesting & best places to visit in Morocco, such as the Ancient Tanneries of Fez. 



Rabat is the current capital city and it used to be the haven of Barbary pirates. The elegant early 19th-century architecture and long palm-lined avenues of the city reflect the era of French colonization of the city. Hence, you are literarily walking across history as you navigate this magnificent city and definitely one of the Best Imperial Cities of Morocco.
It has a perfect blend of ancient and modern civilizations that is nothing less than impressive. The ancient Kabash des Oudaias, perched above the crashing waves of the Atlantic Ocean, is the Jewel of the city. Its meticulously designed northern walls are Picturesque and have an extremely delightful view. The beautiful domes green spaces, minarets, and wide avenues of the city will make your day. 




Meknes is the third Imperial City of Morocco and was the home of Morocco’s most notorious sultan, Moulay Ismail, who ruled the country in the 17th century. His luxurious lifestyle still reflects in the remains of the grandiose architecture. For the purpose of housing his Arabian steeds, the sultan approved the construction of Heri es-Souani, a vast, cathedral-like structure in the city. 


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It is in this city where Europe, the Middle East, and Africa are culturally mingled and the fourth Imperial City of Morocco. The city is located on the edge of the Sahara Desert and is framed by the Atlas Mountains. Marrakesh is an ancient trading hub full of vibes and energy that is so exciting and intoxicating. 

Other Interesting Details

The beauty and greatness of the Imperial Cities of Morocco go beyond the impressive architecture and rich history. There are other interesting details about the cities that you can enjoy in the best places to visit in Morocco. These include:

Contrasting architectural colors: Each of these cities have its own unique architectural colors. It is dazzling blue for Rabat, ochre and pink for Marrakesh, and two different shades of yellow for Meknes and Fez. 

A place to shop: If you are interested in shopping, the Imperial Cities of Morocco are perfect for you. Items such as babouches (traditional leather slippers of Morocco), hand-woven rugs, brightly colored tagine pots, delicate glassware, and finely carved woodwork can all be bought here at affordable prices. Hence, you will do yourself a lot of good by holding extra cash to do some shopping. 

Nice food and fruits: Your experience of the Imperial Cities of Morocco tour is not complete without a visit to the food market. The stalls are full of fresh vegetables and seasonal foods. You will also find preserved lemons, green and black olives in piles, dates, figs, and fresh mint in abundance. You will get ingredients such as meat, fish, and vegetables that you can use to cook tagine in this market. Tagine is a fragrant stew cooked in a conical lid pot that is traditionally served with steamed vegetables and couscous. 

Abundant Spices: When you get to the spice markets, you will find friendly spice vendors displaying their wares. You will find herbs and spices in abundance here. 


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You have to be a part of the Imperial Cities of Morocco Tour to have the full experience of these historical cities. Some things are better experienced than explained. A visit to the Moroccos Imperial Cities is one such thing. 

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