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A unique and exciting opportunity awaits you for your adventure on a traditional Nile Steamship sailing between Luxor and Aswan, Upper Egypt. Imagine travelling on the Nile aboard a historic steamship, taking you closer to the ancient Temples and Tombs including the Tomb of tutankhamun in the Valley of the Kings to the majestic Temple complexes of Karnak and Luxor Temples.  Luxor is a perfect choice for cultural  Egyptian tours and the Nile Steamer Boats make your Egyptian experience an even more unique, and exclusive holiday experience of a lifetime here in Egypt

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Mövenpick SS Misr Steamer Nile Cruise

Every Tue, Wed, Sat, Fri

Take a trip back in time with a cruise down the Nile on a historic steamship. Enjoy the luxury and leisure on board Mövenpick SS Misr Steamer Nile Cruise. Visit the Great Pyramids, Famous Sphinx and Valley temple, Solar Boat, Old and Islamic Cairo then Cruise the Nile between Luxor and Aswan Visiting the best attractions. 

SS Misr Luxury Nile Steamer Cruise

Monday from Luxor & Friday from Aswan

This SS Misr luxury Nile Steam Boat (owned in 1907 by the British Royal Navy and commissioned as a warship in the 1924 Sudan uprising), which will transport you in fine style along the Nile to explore all of the Ancient sites in Upper Egypt.

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