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Top Ten Best Foods of Morocco

Moroccan Food


Food is one of the most important parts of human culture, and all over the world, various cultures and places are considered unique for the various food and delicacies they serve. Now if you are planning to travel to Morocco, it will be a shame to miss out on the perfect and delicious food dishes that are served in this wonderful country. Moroccan Food & Cuisine in General, are one of the best in the world and I am sure you don't want to miss out on this great treat. Now, when you arrive in this wonderful country, you might be faced with the tough decision of selecting what to eat since all the food presented to you will look perfect and delicious. We have compiled the list of the top ten best Moroccan dishes, to help you make the right choice, in this article, we will talk about the top ten Moroccan dishes in the art gallery that is Moroccan Cuisine and what makes these dishes a must for you to taste. 




Known as Morocco’s most popular dish, the Couscous tops our list of the top ten best Moroccan food & dishes. The couscous is made from crushed steamed wheat, and it is served with a spicy stew that contains a lot of meat. Although couscous is popular generally in the northern part of Africa, it is most popular in Morocco Cuisine, it is their main dish and is eaten by most Moroccan families at least once a week. If you are a vegetarian, then you can try the Couscous tfaya with caramelized onions and raisins which is just as good as the couscous with meat stew. 


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The tagin takes its name from the traditional clay ceramic dish that is usually used to prepare this meal. This spicy and tasty food is prepared by slowly cooking meat and vegetable in a shallow earthenware cooking dish. The meat and vegetable are then arranged into the ceramic dish in a conical form, giving it a perfect and artistic look. It is eaten directly from the cooking dish using a piece of Moroccan bread, making it even more special and a fixture of Morocco Cuisine. 



You may not be fascinated by the idea of pouring hot meat and broth over a plate of bread, but wait till you try out this amazing delicacy of Moroccan cuisine. Although this tasty meal is often served to new mothers, it is usually served to visitors and guests on special occasions as it is regarded as a medicinal meal that provides a soothing and satisfying sensation to those who consume it.



The Mechoui is one of the most famous dishes of the Moroccan Cuisine and can simply be described as a Moroccan well-spiced and roasted lamb. To prepare the meachoui, the tender, meat of the whole lamb is roasted in dip pits. In a situation where these pits are not available, the Moroccan mechoui recipe which does not require a whole lamb can be prepared. The Mechoui is served to visitors and it does not require any cutlery. Visitors simply tear the tender meat apart with their hands as they delight in one of the best items of Moroccan cuisine.



Although there are numerous tasty stews in the Moroccan Cuisine, the Harira stands out as one of the best that exist. Made from vegetables, rice, meat, herbs, and spices, the Harira is a very important dish in Moroccan culture. Due to its unique nature, this meal is mostly served during special occasions such as Ramadan, but can also be made throughout the year. It is served with boiled eggs sprinkled with salt, cumin, dates, and other dried fruits depending on the preference of the visitors.



If you move about the streets of Morocco and you are observant enough, then you will notice one or two people eating the Makouda. The Makouda is a popular street Moroccan food that is made from potato, in fact, they are deep-fried potato balls dipped into spicy harissa sauce, hence they are often referred to as potato cakes. It is served as an appetizer and can be eaten plain or used as a sandwich filler in the wedges of the Moroccan Khobz, another great element of Moroccan Cuisine. So, if you need a snack on a hot afternoon, then the tasty Makouda is the perfect choice for you.


This very specially made pie is not something you want to miss as you travel to Morocco. This special pie is made from the tender meat of a young pigeon or squab. The b’stilla is a sweet and highly flavored meat pie that is covered with different layers of spices and covered with tender phyllo. It is then baked to give it a perfect golden color and a distinct look amongst its brethren of Moroccan Cuisine due to its intensive and delicate method of preparation, this dish is usually reserved for special occasions, although you can get it from restaurants at a slightly higher cost.



As you travel to Morocco, an important meal you don’t want to miss is the Zaalouk. The Zaalouk is an indigenous Moroccan salad that is made with eggplant, garlic, tomatoes, and spices. Commonly prepared as a side dish, the Zaalouk is usually served as a dip with crusty bread. Another interesting and fascinating thing about the Zaalouk, is that it can be prepared in several ways depending on the preference of the person or people to be served. The different types of Zaalouk in Moroccan Cuisine include Pumpkin Zaalouk, Carrot Zaalouk, and Pepper Zaalouk amongst others.


Fish Chermoula 

Due to the long Moroccan Atlantic and Mediterranean coasts, Moroccan Cuisine has its fair share of fish dishes, and a very special one that makes our list of best Moroccan food you should not miss is the fish Chermoula. The chermoula itself is a blend of lemon, fresh herbs, and spices. This tasty sauce is eaten with grilled fish, giving it a perfect taste you do not want to miss.


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The Amelou is not really a food but a dip from Moroccan Cuisine. This thick and nutty dip is made from almonds, honey argan oil, and some other nutty accompaniment gotten from the almond tree. Since morocco is one of the few countries where the almond tree grows naturally, you are not likely to find this special meal in any other place in the world, making the dish even more unique and fascinating. 

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