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Dos and Don'ts of Egypt

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For anyone planning to travel to one place or another for any purpose, there are some valuable Egypt Travel Tips and tricks you should know. These instructions are meant to assist you in having a great time and making your vacation a memorable one. They are also meant to prevent you from making mistakes. Also, you should know that every land has its own culture and tradition, and every culture and society has things that they permit and do not permit. Now, as a stranger or visitor to a particular community, it is your responsibility to respect the culture of the society you are visiting by obeying all the rules and traditions of the land you visit to maintain a good and cordial relationship with the residents of that particular area.


In this article, our main focus is going to be Egypt, and we have compiled some necessary things we think you should know before you travel to Egypt a, truly wonderful country either for vacation or any other reason. These tips and instructions will guide you and help you to understand what things you should do and things you shouldn’t in Egypt. Also, being aware of these must-know Egypt dos and don’ts will allow you to have a good time without missing out on any of the fun. Below are some of the most important dos and don’ts and the best Egypt travel advice you can get when traveling to Egypt. 





1) Do Respect the Archaeological Structures


Egypt is a popular country, mostly because of the large number of unique and beautiful archaeological structures it has. These archeological structures contribute to one of the country's major sources of revenue, which is tourism. So, as you travel to Egypt, you should keep in mind that these archeological structures are very important to this country. So the first Egypt Travel Tip is to treat these structures with respect and care; do not go around marking, making inscriptions, or causing any permanent damage to these structures. Treat them delicately and respectfully, and just enjoy them from a distance.



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2) Do wear the right clothes


Over 85% of the Egyptian population is Muslim; you should keep this in mind as you travel to Egypt. Although there is no restriction or limitation on the type of clothes you wear in Egypt, it would define you to dress decently as you move around the streets of Egypt. So the second Egypt travel tip is that, if you are a woman, try as much as possible not to wear clothes that are too revealing, as this may bring about unnecessary attention or a negative reaction from the locals. Men should also wear appropriate clothing. In general, it’s advisable to wear something that you think will be comfortable for you and that is considerate of the people around you.


3) Do Prepare for a Fairly Hot Climate


Just like other countries in the northern part of Africa, Egypt has a fairly hot climate. The general temperature of Egypt along the Nile River is moderate with a lot of sunshine and a few rainy days, with the desert areas being quite hotter. So, as you prepare to travel to Egypt, the third Egypt travel tip is to come with your sun cream and prepare to drink a lot of water to stay hydrated.




4) Do Visit Important and Famous Locations


Even if you are not traveling to Egypt for tourism, it will be a shame if you travel to this fascinating country without seeing one of the many interesting sites it has. These famous locations are spread all over the country, and they are not expensive to visit, so you don’t have to spend too much trying to visit these places. Here is the fourth Egypt travel tip: just spare some cash and go have a good time while you go about your business.



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1) Don’t Use Your Camera Inappropriately 


Of course, we all want to take pictures and keep a good account of the best and most wonderful moments of our lives. This is quite normal and good, but as you do this, your fifth Egypt travel tip is that you should take into consideration the rules and customs of any place you find yourself in. You can take pictures of anything or anywhere you are granted access to but don't go around taking pictures of places or things that are off-limits, and if you want to take pictures of anybody or their property, ensure you get permission before you do so. Taking pictures without permission is quite annoying, and you might end up getting disrespected, insulted, or embarrassed. Thus, be careful with the way you use your gadgets.



2) Don’t Follow Suspicious People Trying to ‘help’ you


Generally, Egyptians are generally helpful and nice people who try to help strangers as much as they can, but since we can not all be saints, there are some disadvantages to this general kindness of people. Recently, a lot of people have reported cases of robbery and theft from people that approach tourists under the pretense of helping them. So, the sixth Egypt travel tip is that, as you travel to Egypt, it will be a lot better if you travel with a travel agency you trust. Do not accept help from strangers you find suspicious, and also avoid following strangers to places you are not comfortable with. Basically, Don't get intimidated by the locals.



For some people, traveling to a place they are not familiar with might seem intimidating. As a result of this intimidation, they can easily get nervous as they move around, especially if they are there alone. This is a very important Egypt travel tip, as this is a mistake you should never make as you travel to Egypt. Bear in mind that Egypt is quite safe and that most people are friendly. Do not allow anyone to intimidate you. Walk and act confidently in anything you do; by doing this, you will easily avoid getting scammed by people who might want to take advantage of you, and you will also be able to ask questions of people around you without any signs of intimidation.


3) Don’t Pet Street Animals


Despite having all your vaccines with you or having been previously vaccinated beforehand and not being afraid of getting bitten or attacked by these animals, you can go ahead and pet as many street animals as you like. But if not, then it would be better to stay away from these animals. You see, most animals you see on Egyptian streets are not vaccinated, live in all sorts of unhealthy conditions, and feed on almost anything, so they are mostly infected. If you are a foreigner, these animals can even get more aggressive, so stay away from them. If you are in any situation where you feel it’s impossible to avoid interacting with them, then call on any adult local around you to help you with that situation.


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