Cairo Hotels

Here at Memphis Tours, we aim to offer our Clients the very best Hotels in Cairo through worldwide reviews and customer feedback ensuring your stay in Egypt will be the most memorable. Ranging from plush ultra modern Hotels in the downtown area of Cairo at the pulse of the City, to Hotels both historically renowned with excellent views of the Pyramids at Giza with all the home comforts. We offer assistance and transfers from the Airport direct to your Hotel in Cairo, advice from our Representatives and exciting Tours in Cairo in and around Egypt. All of our partner Hotels are the top 5 Star Rated in Cairo, Egypt with the best quality, reputation and service in great locations around Cairo and Giza.

The Gabriel Boutique Hotel Heliopolis

Situated in Heliopolis known as the home of the ‘elite’, this area is the most residential urban area in all of Cairo, therefore a perfect place of residence for a unique Boutique Hotel. An award winning World Luxury Hotel in 2013 and situated only 17 minutes from Cairo international Airport, close to all the major hotels and shops, it is an ideal location for easy access to everything. Describing the Gabriel Boutique Hotel as elegant would be an understatement. Its design and interiors are so plush and ornamental that is looks fit to host Royalty. A splendid lobby with chandeliers and crystal objects give it a glittering style and ultimate luxurious feel. The restaurant and bar provided a totally relaxing atmosphere with calming lighting, excellent gourmet food and snacks at the bar with the theme of Jazz music to add to that relaxing ambience. With twenty one luxury guest rooms and four super luxury signature suites, it will be hard to say goodbye to this real ‘home from home’ lovely Boutique Hotel.

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Villa Belle Epoque Hotel

Set in the Maadi area of Cairo, renowned for its upmarket residence and leafy streets and Villas, the Boutique Hotel Villa Belle Epoque was designed in the 1920’s and an original colonial structure attracting those clients with a discerning taste for the finest accommodation, Known as the district of wealth and people of high status, the Villa is located in one of the best areas for walking around with many wonderful restaurants, street tree lined cafe’s and shopping. Close to all local attractions, everything is in easy reach such as the Pyramids and Downtown areas. A real delight for the guest wishing to relax in style and comfort.

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Four Seasons Hotel Cairo at The First Residence

Situated in the central area of Dokki, in Giza, this stunning 5 Star Four Seasons First Residence Hotel built in 1999,is unique in its splendid design with a Gold Exterior which stands out to the passers by. Its location is perfectly situated with the Hotel on the main street next to Giza Square and facing Giza Zoo with the main Bridge leading to Downtown and the famous Tahrir Square. The rooms at the rear of the Hotel are situated with stunning views across the River and at night glows with the lights of Cairo Tower, Nile Cruise restaurants Gzira Island. It’s Four Seasons sister Hotel is directly opposite on the other side of the Nile. Memphis Tours is proud to be a Partner of the Four Seasons Hotels.

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Hilton Cairo Heliopolis Hotel

Situated just a few minutes away from Cairo International Airport, Heliopolis is considered as the heart of Cairo’s diplomatic and presidential neighborhood. At the heart, elegantly stands the Hilton Heliopolis, a luxury Cairo Hotel. The Hotel’s location enables its guests to easily reach Cairo International Conference Centre and Airport, along with the palace of the modern Heliopolis founder, Baron Empain, the Virgin Mary’s Tree, and many more of the legendary Cairo attractions.A unique mix of contemporary art and authentic décor that echoes modern Cairo along with the distinct Egyptian heritage.With 593 guest rooms and suites providing the most lavish in Cairo, Egypt accommodation, more than 17 superlative dining choices,unrivalled range of guest services and recreational facilities, the Hilton Heliopolis portrays a destination on its own.

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Fairmont Nile City Hotel

Located in the heart of the Business capital of Cairo Egypt, known as Nile City, the Fairmont Towers Nile City Hotel stands proudly on the banks of the River Nile with its twin towers and ultra modern structure which stands out on the skyline. An urban area where tourists and locals mingle, yet quiet and perfect for that retreat with stunning panoramic views across Cairo and the downtown area and as far as the Pyramids, Giza. Classed as a luxury Hotel with every modern and high tech facility for the discerning guest with Spa treatments, absolutely delightful culinary choices with eight restaurants and food venues offering a huge range of international dishes, it is a perfect choice for a pampered and relaxed stay in Cairo, Egypt.

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Mena House Hotel

Mena House Hotel undoubtedly the most famous and Historical luxury Hotel in Cairo. Located right next to the three Pyramids and Sphinx at Giza with views of these ancient monuments from your hotel room. The stunning backdrop has 40 acres of beautiful green gardens with palm trees, swimming pool and sunbathing area created many years ago by it’s then British owners. The Mena House Hotel dates back to 1869 and has a royal history of residents such as Prince Albert Victor of Wales in 1889 followed by many other famous visitors over the years such as Sir Arthur Conan Doyle,King George V and Queen Mary, Winston Churchill, King Farouk of Egypt, President Richard Nixon, Agatha Christie, Roger Moore, Cecil B. DeMille,Charlton Heston, Frank Sinatra and Charlie Chaplin. The Mena House Hotel hosts many original old artworks and antiques with a real feel of ‘Victorian England’ in it’s unique style and grandeur.

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Le Méridien Pyramids Hotel and Spa

Le Méridien Pyramids Hotel and Spa is in an ideal location in the Giza district of Cairo and situated almost next to the Pyramids and Great Sphinx at Giza, Cairo. It is easily walkable to the Pyramids and only about twenty minutes drive from the Centre of Cairo ( traffic permitting) with tours downtown to the Egyptian Museum of Antiquities, Khan Khalili Bazaar and Old Coptic Cairo easily reachable. Le Meridien Hotel and Spa is a worldwide group of Hotels with an excellent reputation and all the on- site facilities needed by the tourists visiting this great capital City of Egypt. 

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Kempinski Nile City Hotel Cairo

Located in the heart of downtown Cairo, the Kempinski Nile City Hotel boasting a unique charm as in a 5 star luxury boutique hotel. Contemporary European flair meets with Egyptian charm with a "Simple Things Done Beautifully" giving you a lasting impression of personalized luxury. Set in the heart of the bustling Garden City district and on the banks of the River Nile, Kempinski Nile Hotel has 137 rooms and 54 suites, guests can delight in the views across the Nile as most of the rooms and suites have their own private balcony.

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Four Seasons Hotel Cairo Nile Plaza

Situated in one of the older districts of Cairo, the Four Seasons Nile Plaza sits nicely between some charming villas away from the busy city streets. It is a cross between old and new whilst staying in touch with modern client demands and achieving it’s ‘quaintness’ at the same time. With stunning views of the Nile and one of the best downtown locations, it is a very popular and luxurious hotel indeed.

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Le Meridien Cairo Airport Hotel

Located at Terminal 3, Cairo International Airport, Le Meridien Hotel is a perfect location for those travellers wishing to be ready for their flights. it is also next to the district of Heliopolis, a traditionally Upper Class area with fine restaurants, shopping and parks. Le Meridien Hotel is a reputable chain which we at Memphis Tours are proud to be associated with due to their high standards, quality and service.

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Can we consider Egypt as a safe destination?
According to Forbes, Egypt has a very low crime rate in comparison with the USA and the UK. Besides, The Egyptian government does all that it takes to ensure safety everywhere in Egypt.
Why choose Memphis Tours Egypt?
There are plenty of reasons to trust traveling with Memphis Tours Egypt. The company has been operating excellent tours in Egypt since 1955. Therefore, we have a great experience in operating personalized tour experiences with the best quality and reasonable prices. These long years of experience enabled us to extend our network all over Egypt. Thus, we are capable to offer you the same quality of service anywhere in Egypt and beyond it.
Do you provide a discount for private groups traveling with Memphis Tours?
Yes, Memphis Tours Egypt offers reduction rates for private trips for large groups. To get a discount rate, the group should consist of at least ten people, and the rate varies according to the type and the length of the trip. As for groups of at least fifteen people, you will be offered higher discount rates.
How much should be the deposit? How it can be paid?
In order to confirm your trip, you will have to pay a deposit of 25% of the total cost of the tour. However, during peak seasons during the winter, especially in December, the deposit rate becomes 50% of the total cost. This payment can be installed through a credit card (Visa or MasterCard). In addition, you can order a direct bank transfer to Memphis Tours Egypt. For further information or help, you can contact our representatives anytime.
Is there any additional fees if I paid using a debit or credit card?
No, Memphis Tours Egypt does not add any further fees or surcharges for using credit or debit card transactions.
How can I acquire my Visa in order to travel to Egypt?
A traveler should possess a passport valid for at least 6 months after their arrival to Egypt. However, for some nationalities, they can only need a one-month entry visa and these nationalities include: Canada, Australia, Croatia, Republic of Korea, European Union, Georgia, Ukraine, Japan, New Zealand, Norway, Macedonia, Russian Federation, Serbia, United Kingdom and United States.
What are the available kinds of transportation to move in Egypt?
There are many transportation options in to move in Egypt. The easiest one to find everywhere are the taxis. However, it is recommended to avoid the black and white taxis and to use the white ones instead, as the first ones do not stick to the meters, and they may charge you for extra fare. Another way of transportation is the metro. Metros are the cheapest yet the fastest kind of transportation to use if you want to reach the Central Cairo during the rush hours.
Do Egyptians only speak Arabic?
Normally, Egyptians can understand and express few English words beside Arabic. However, there are Egyptians who are proficient English, French, Spanish, Italian and German speakers. Almost all the professionals working in the tourism sector are proficient in at least one foreign language, and they are chosen based on the needs of the travelers.
Is it recommended to give tips in Egypt?
Service charges included on your bill do not go to waiter, yet they go the restaurant itself instead. Therefore, you can tip the servers directly in hand with a 10% in addition.
Will I need to learn Arabic in order to deal with Egyptians during my visit?
It is advisable to learn a few words in Arabic in order to express greetings or thanks, especially if you are willing to visit non-touristy places.
Are there different categories of hotels available in Egypt? And what is the check-in-time system?
There are many options and varied categories to accommodate in Egypt, starting from the most luxurious hotels to the simplest hostels. This variety allows you to spend a nice vacation in Egypt with any budget you might fix. According to the check-in-time, it is usual at 12:00 PM - 13:00 PM.
Is it allowed to take pictures in the monuments of Egypt?
In Egypt, photography is permitted in most museums and historical landmarks. However, some historical places impose some extra charges for taking your camera. There are few historical places ban you from entering your camera and ask you to leave it at the entrance, such as the Valley of the Kings in Luxor.
Is it allowed to bring a supply cigarettes and alcohol when heading to Egypt?
It is preferable to buy them upon arrival from the duty-free shops. There are many duty-free shops selling a rich variety of cigarettes and alcohol in the airports of Cairo, Luxor, Hurghada, El Gouna and Sharm El Sheikh. It is permitted to purchase up to 3 liters of alcohol and up to 200 cigarettes.
How should we dress in Egypt while visiting a mosque?
When you visit a mosque, it is a have to choose a modest outfit. In some mosques, women have to cover their hair, arms and legs as a gesture of respect to this holy place. Moreover, both genders will be entitled to take off their shoes before entering any mosque in Egypt.
Are there any health tips to consider when heading to Egypt?
When heading to Egypt, especially during the summer, you may suffer from sunburn or heat stroke. However, you can easily avoid these issues by simply hydrating continuously, carrying sunscreen and sunglasses with you wherever you go.
When do the shops and stores open in Egypt during the day?
Normally, shops start to open from almost 10 AM until 10 PM. However, many cafes, supermarkets, shops and restaurants stay open 14 hours, especially the ones that are not situated into malls.
When do the monuments open during the day in Egypt?
Generally, historical landmarks and museums in Egypt open starting from 9 AM to 5 PM. The Pyramids of Giza and all the open-air landmarks open their gates from 8 AM until sunset. As well as, there are a few museums open for two shifts: a morning shift starting from 9 AM to 4 PM and an evening shift from 5 PM to 9 or 10 PM. It is notable that during Ramadan, these schedules change according to the circumstances of this holy month.
Are there any tips for women while traveling in Egypt?
It is recommended to wear comfortable modest outfits especially in non-touristy places. Women are entitled to avoid exaggerated tight clothing, and to cover their shoulders and knees, and avoid too opened front necklines. Thus, travelers can wear whatever they want but in respect with the Egyptian culture. It is important to note that there is a separate car for women in metros, and it is preferable for women to use it especially during rush hours.
How much should I pay as tips?
If you are in a restaurant, it is common to hand, an average of 5 and 10% tip directly to the waiter. It is optional to give a few Egyptian pounds when carrying luggage or parking a car or to the person who is responsible for cleaning bathrooms, with a maximum amount of 5 Egyptian pounds. Tipping your tour guide and vehicle driver is optional; however, you should consider it in case you were satisfied with his service. If you are willing to tip, you are very free to give the amount of money you think it is convenient with the quality of your experience.
What are the most recommended experiences to try in Egypt?
Egypt has a variety of experiences to try. If you are planning to visit Egypt, you can never miss tasting the authenticity of Cairo, the capital and the heart of this country. In Cairo, you will get to visit the Great Pyramids of Giza, Cairo Citadel, the Egyptian Museum and you will take a tour in the historical Al-Moez street. If you are seeking for an unforgettable relaxing vacation in Egypt, you will have to experience Egypt Nile Cruises. Pick one of Nile cruise boats and cruise in the Nile river of Egypt. When experiencing A Nile River Cruise, you will get to explore the Ancient Egyptian history and you will relish fascinating natural landscapes. Luxor Aswan Nile Cruises are one of the most enjoyable trips in Egypt. Many travelers tend to enjoy beaching in Egypt, as Egypt possesses some of the most beautiful beaches of the world along the shores of the Red Sea. You can go for a trip to Sharm El-Sheikh and Hurghada if you want to feel summer vibes during winter.
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