Egypt Hotels and Nile Cruises

Egypt’s ancient history comes to life in a world of Pharaoahs, Tombs, Temples, Pyramids, Crusaders, Christians and more, all within easy reach from the wonderful choice of 5 Star Hotels, Nile Cruises, Lake Nasser Cruises and Dahabeyas. Ranging from Old Colonial styles to ultra modern sleek Brands of Hotels and Cruises, Egypt has more to offer than the average Vacation.

Cairo Hotels

Here at Memphis Tours, we aim to offer our Clients the very best Hotels in Cairo through worldwide reviews and customer feedback ensuring your stay in Egypt will be the most memorable. Ranging from plush ultra modern Hotels in the downtown area of Cairo at the pulse of the City, to Hotels both historically renowned with excellent views of the Pyramids at Giza with all the home comforts. We offer assistance and transfers from the Airport direct to your Hotel in Cairo, advice from our Representatives and exciting Tours in Cairo in and around Egypt. All of our partner Hotels are the top 5 Star Rated in Cairo, Egypt with the best quality, reputation and service in great locations around Cairo and Giza.

Alexandria Hotels

Offering the unique Experience of only the top rated quality superior Hotels in Alexandria, Memphis Tours will take care of your accommodations from your booking to departure. Alexandria boasts a wide range of Greco - Roman attractions unlike Cairo, giving it that ‘twist’ of a different ancient culture. All the Hotels in Alexandria are centrally located in easy distance from all attractions, restaurants and shopping. Memphis tours will further assist you with transport both with tours and airport transfers. All of our partner Hotels will ensure a wonderful stay here in Alexandria, Egypt.

Luxor Hotels

Outside of Cairo, Luxor is the second most visited location in terms of it’s ancient Pharaonic History. Therefore it is only fitting that Memphis Tours provides only the best and most indulgent accommodations possible after hot dust days out exploring the ancient sites. With a choice of our three Partner Hotels of the utmost 5 star luxury and service, it is hard to choose which one according to client reports as all are outstanding ranging from ultra modern, to historical and magical Hotels.

Aswan Hotels

The most wonderful experience in Upper Egypt, is the opportunity to explore beautiful and often underrated Aswan due to the emphasis being on Luxor. Aswan has such a vibrant and colourful culture with the locals being known as Nubians, many of which arrived in Egypt from Africa after the great flooding of the Nile. Hotels in Aswan are unique for their stunning views and tranquil settings, which is why Memphis tours carefully selected only the best 3 Partner Hotels to give our clients the most memorable stay in Aswan. Ultimate luxury at 5 stars in each Hotel, with the absolutely delightful Colonial Old Cataract Hotel amongst them. Historical and Modern sites await you here in Aswan.

Sharm El Sheikh Hotels

Considered the most visited of the Red Sea Resorts in Egypt, there are many attractions and luxury Hotels to suit the clientele with a more discerning taste. Memphis Tours have selected the best Partner Hotels to match our Clients needs with all the 5 star Luxury and quality treatment one would expect when visiting the upmarket resort of Sharm El Sheikh. With Hotels offering relaxation treatments, local activities and more, it is the ideal retreat for those wishing to soak up the sun and have a pleasurable stay in the Red Sea Egypt.

Hurghada Hotels

Unlike Sharm El Sheikh, Hurghada hosts a wider range of Nationalities with regards to Tourism along with being a much bigger resort and often considered a lot better value for money. Sitting on the opposite side of the Red sea, Hurghada has developed on a grand scale since being a small fishing village and now host luxury Hotels, great atmosphere with more than enough activities and fun things to do, A wide range of Restaurants and coffee Shops within up to ten districts, all with a short distance from each other and the main Airport. Our Partner 5 Star Hotels are all within the main attraction areas with their own private beaches and ample facilities and leisure activities.

Marsa Alam Hotels

Marsa Alam is located on the Western side of the Red Sea in Egypt. It is a draw for those wishing a quieter and more serene environment.

Nile Cruises

A Nile cruise Egypt with Memphis Tours will be one of your most memorable holiday experiences of a lifetime.

Dahabiya Cruises

The Nile Dahabeya 5 Star Cruises are the traditional smaller cruises (barges) taking you along the ancient Nile.

Lake Cruises

The awe inspiring 5 Star Cruises on the beautiful Lake Nasser, home the the magnificent Temples of Abu Simbel.

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