Aswan Hotels

The most wonderful experience in Upper Egypt, is the opportunity to explore beautiful and often underrated Aswan due to the emphasis being on Luxor. Aswan has such a vibrant and colourful culture with the locals being known as Nubians, many of which arrived in Egypt from Africa after the great flooding of the Nile. Hotels in Aswan are unique for their stunning views and tranquil settings, which is why Memphis tours carefully selected only the best 3 Partner Hotels to give our clients the most memorable stay in Aswan. Ultimate luxury at 5 stars in each Hotel, with the absolutely delightful Colonial Old Cataract Hotel amongst them. Historical and Modern sites await you here in Aswan.

Movenpick Resort Aswan

For its sheer location and height, the Mövenpick resort Hotel Aswan on Elephantine Island outshines all the other Hotels in terms of its spectacular views across the city of Aswan, Cataract Islands, Nubian Villages, Tombs of the Nobles, and the desert plains of the surrounding area. With 230 elegantly style and tasteful rooms, suites and villas, it s a perfect choice for panoramic views and peaceful backdrop. In walking distance to many attractions like Aswan City, or Felucca boat rides around the Cataract Islands and local sites such as Philae Temple and the High Dam, you are not far from any of the hotspots of Aswan. Only 20 minutes from Aswan Airport and 5 minutes from Aswan Railway Station.

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Pyramisa Isis Island Resort Aswan

Sitting amongst 28 acres of lovely gardens and landscapes, the  Pyramisa Isis Island Resort and Spa Hotel, Aswan is  considered as an exotic resort in the middle of the River Nile amongst the Cataract Islands and very close the the centre Aswan. Pyramisa Resort is just a few minutes sailing by lovely Felucca sailboat to the Agha Khan Mausoleum, Nubian Villages, Kitchener’s Island  and downtown shopping area .Also close are all the main attractions that tourists come to see such as the High Dam and Philae Temple. A very luxurious Hotel with all the facilities needed to make your stay in Aswan a memorable one.

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Sofitel Legend Old Cataract Aswan

A totally British and extremely famous Luxury 5 star Colonial masterpiece built  by Thomas Cook in 1899, making it the 2nd oldest Colonial Hotel behind Mena House in Cairo. The Old Cataract Hotel is one of memphis tour’s Partner Hotels and a proud association for us. One of our top recommended Hotels and the best in Aswan, offering unique services such as top luxury spa treatments and afternoon English High Tea at sunset along with gourmet fine dining. Situated right on the Cataract Islands of the East bank of the Nile, it could not be in a more favoured spot for sightseeing and local attractions and amenities. Occupied and visited by a host of famous figures such as Tsar Nicholas II, Winston Churchill, Howard Carter, Margaret Thatcher, Jimmy Carter, Princess Diana, Queen Noor and Agatha Christie (who at this Hotel and Luxor’s Winter Palace Hotel wrote her novel ‘Death on the Nile’). Many local attractions await you such as the Aswan High Dam, Philae temple and more.

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