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The Solar Boat Museum Egypt
Situated at the 3 Pyramids at Giza, is the Solar Boat Museum. Whilst it is a separate Museum at an additional small charge, it is well worth a visit for it’s sheer size, history and story of it’s rebuilding. 
Just a short 30 minutes drive from central Downtown Cairo, the Solar Boat Museum is within the entrance of the 3 Pyramids at Giza with Guides able to accompany visitors to the entrance and within if required. 
The whole purpose of what was known as a ‘Solar Barge’ was transport  the deceased Pharaoh to his afterlife. Therefore, these huge vessels were buried near the Pharaoh’s Tomb.In 1954, a surprise discovery of this Solar Boat which was determined that is was for the King Pharaoh Khufru from the 4th Dynasty around 2500 BC, unearthed, yet broken in to thousands of pieces. It was found in five pits near the great Pyramid of Khufu and painstakingly reassembled from 1200 pieces of cedar wood  by chief Egyptian restorer, Ahmed Youssef Moustafa taking fourteen years as he had to study the structure of previous boats found. There was evidence of water concluding that the boat may have been used as a funerary Barge also. A 43 meter long boat of huge proportions, it was a graceful craft from twelve hundred pieces of wood, originally held together by sycamore pegs and halfa-grass ropes..
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