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The Golden Treasures of King Tut

When Howard Carter discovered the tomb of the Great King Tut in 1922, he did not just find the lost king but King Tut's treasure as well. Discover what amazing artifacts were buried with the Young king of Egypt. 

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11 Facts About King Tut You Didn’t Know

From the Henrys of Britain to the Louis of France, a few achieved the fame that King Tut, otherwise known as Tutankhamun, had in both life and death. Discover 11 amazing facts about Tutankhamun, the Young King of Egypt's life, achievements, death, and more.

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Best Desert safaris in Egypt, Morocco & Dubai

The middle east is filled with beautiful greenery, historic sites, and lively cities but what truly captures the essence of its oriental charm is its Desert. With so many amazing desert safaris to choose from. So, read on & discover some of the Best desert safaris out there for you.

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Dos and Don'ts of Egypt

Every country in the world has its own unspoken rules or code of conduct, or, in short, its Dos & Don’ts. Egypt is no different—a beautiful country filled with extraordinary sites and amazing people. Check out our article and discover Egypt Travel Tips for a perfect journey.

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