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Best Desert safaris in Egypt, Morocco & Dubai

M.Hamid Desert

Dubai, Morocco, and Egypt are one of the most visited countries in the world, these countries attract a lot of tourists from different parts of the world majorly due to the unique, beautiful, and amazing landscapes they possess. Now, you might not know this, but another reason these countries are so popular all over the world is the amazing desert safaris they offer to tourists. Nature has blessed these countries with a lot of beautiful deserts and these countries have made perfect use of these natural gifts and brought happiness and joy to people all over the world by giving people the chance to go on amazing desert safaris when they visit. In this article, we shall examine the top ten desert safari spots in Egypt, Dubai, and Morocco, and also explain why these spots are unique from other holiday spots in the world, and also why they are the best possible places to have an exciting and memorable time as you visit these beautiful countries.




Luxor Desert Safari Tour.

The Luxor desert safari tour tops our list of the best Desert Safaris you can experience in Egypt. This desert safari provides tourists with an unforgettable experience by giving them the opportunity to experience life in the desert firsthand, it’s almost like going back in time and living in ancient Egypt. Tourists are allowed to see the local attraction and also interact with locals that live in the area. Also, to have a more exciting safari, tourists are allowed to drive to the Dakhla Oasis where they can visit the hot spring in Kasr Al, where you can have a warm and refreshing swim. Exciting right? Well, the fun doesn’t end there. If you opt to have an overnight camping experience during this safari tour, then you will be Fortunate enough to taste numerous tasty Egyptian dishes during your stay in the overnight camp. You can then end the Luxor desert safari tour by visiting the famous temple of Dush, located close to this desert. 


Siwa Oasis Safari 

Famous for offering one of the most beautiful Desert Safaris in the world, the Siwa Oasis safari starts with a journey toward the Siwa desert. During this journey, you will see two beautiful lakes and enjoy the serenity and beauty that comes with them. Also, during this safari, you get to drive over dunes that are over 80 meters tall. Another exciting experience is the journey to the Abou-Shrouf, which is one of the cleanest and biggest springs in Egypt, this spring is rumored to have medicinal benefits and its water is considered to be good for rheumatism and the skin. Finally, you can end the safari by visiting the old village of Abou-Shrouf, Zauton to see the recently discovered ancient Roman tombs that are full of skeletons. 

M’Hamid Desert

If you find Yourself in Morocco, then you are in the perfect place for a wonderful Desert Safari adventure, It is one of the most authentic parts of the Moroccan Sahara. Tourists can camp on amazing dunes while they enjoy the beautiful scenery of the sunrise and also enjoy the spicy local Moroccan dishes. If you are looking for memorable moments, then the M’Hamid desert is the best place to go.



Just like the M’Hamid desert, the Zagora is another amazing Moroccan desert where tourists can enjoy an amazing Desert Safari. Tourists can camp in this beautiful desert and enjoy its amazing beauty and the camel safaris and fun camp nights that are offered by various agencies for a small fee.


Al Qudra Desert 

the Al Qudra desert is one of the most famous and beautiful deserts closest to the Emirates of Dubai. This amazing dessert is located at about 5km from the main city and is the perfect place for Desert Safaris. There are a lot of lakes around the desert that make tourists feel at home and enjoy the wonderful view of the stars at night. If you are looking for the perfect place to go on a desert hike in Dubai, the Al Qudra desert is the perfect place for you.


Sweihan Desert

The sweihan desert is the best choice for you if you want to experience an off-road Desert Safaris adventure in Dubai. You can experience an amazing safari experience heading out into the deserts to catch fun as the desert provides tourists with amazing scenery for tourists to enjoy.


The White Desert 

Of all the deserts in the world, the white desert is one of the most beautiful and unique. Located in Egypt, this desert is famous for its massive chalk rock formations that are perfect examples of the ventifact which have been created as a result of occasional sandstorms that have accumulated over time. The white desert is the perfect location for Desert Safaris as it provides tourists with an amazing view that can only be found here. Tourists can camp here and enjoy the night with local music and delicious food.


Liwa Desert 

Tourists can go on interesting Desert Safaris in this amazing desert. The Liwa desert is one of the most beautiful in Dubai and it offers those who embark on this journey the opportunity to witness the famous Liwa festival. It is also possible for tourists to go dune bashing on 4×4 vehicles on the amazing dunes that are available in this desert. 


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Al Faya Desert 

This is one of the most beautiful locations in Dubai. Tourists that visit this desert go on amazing Desert Safaris as they camp and experience the beauty of this unique desert. Also, additional delights such as delicious local meals, music, and an amazing hotel lodge are provided to ensure a memorable experience. 

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