Jordan Travel Advisory

History of Jordan 

One of the most important Jordan Travel Advisory is to know its history before you visit Jordan is a relatively young country, but it has an ancient past. It has had many rulers throughout the years, including the Assyrian Empire, the Babylonian Empire, the Persian Empire, and later the Byzantine and Ottoman Empires. 
After WWI, a rebellion was led by the Hashemite Emir, Abdullah I bin al-Husayn, and the country was later officially named the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan. 
History has left its mark on this beautiful country, and it has ruins to prove it. Along with the famous Petra, it also has some of the most well-preserved Roman ruins on the planet and they are proud of their history.

Best Times to Visit

Due to Jordan’s location, it has a variety of climate zones, ranging from Mediterranean in the West to desert in the East. Because of this, Jordan gets four distinct seasons throughout the year. Summers get blisteringly hot, and winters bring snow and temperatures as low as 30 degrees Fahrenheit. 
An important Jordan Travel Advisory is that the best months to visit are during either Spring or Fall. Spring lasts from March to May, and Fall lasts from September to November. These are the busier seasons, but most tourists find that they have the most bearable temperatures. 
Summer and Winter are considered their “off-seasons” because of the extreme weather.
Most foreigners are not accustomed to the intense heat of Middle-eastern summers, and snowy winters are not ideal for site-seeing. Because the desert air is so dry, nights can drop well below freezing. During the day, those temperatures can sore to above 100 degrees, depending on the time of year.  
However, these hurdles can make the off-seasons much cheaper and less crowded. To dodge those peak travel prices, you can pick a week or month right before or after the busy seasons. If crowds bother you when you travel, winter or summer might just be the perfect time of year for you.   

5 Need-to-Know Jordan Travel Advisories for Your Next Visit 

Every country has its own culture and traditions, and it’s best to do your research before delving into any new and exotic location. Here are five Jordan Travel Advisories that will serve you well on your next trip. 
1. Don’t Only Visit Petra  
Anyone with an internet connection has seen the majestic sandstone ruins of Petra. However, some of those amazing photographs were actually taken by the Jordanian government from vantage points that are off-limits and even illegal to climb to! That photo of the couple hanging their feet over the main ledge and looking down at the tourists? Very illegal. 
Once you are done exploring Petra, there are plenty of other ancient ruins to visit as well. Each empire that ruled over Jordan left its mark in one way or other, but none is more prominent than the Greco-Roman Empire. Many of the structures were buried in the sand for hundreds of years and therefore preserved much of their structural integrity. There is plenty to see without limiting yourself to just Petra, as beautiful as it is. 
2.    Choose Your Restaurants Wisely 
Jordanian cuisine is largely Mediterranean and consists of dishes like lamb, falafel, salad, olives, baba ghanoush, hummus, yogurt, tabbouleh, and so much more. Rather than using a fork and knife, be prepared to ditch the cutlery and instead use flatbread to scoop up your salads, grains, and sauces. It makes the experience much more interactive and fills you up faster. 
As delicious as all that might sound, a word of caution. It is highly recommended to be mindful of the restaurant you are visiting. If you are eating a cold dish, make sure the dish is fresh and not stale. If you order a hot dish, make sure the dish is piping hot and not simply warm. Some restaurants don’t have access to the same conveniences as others, and you wouldn’t want to eat something that is on the verge of going bad. Choosing restaurants that are crowded is always a clear sign that their food is good quality.  
3.    Get a Jordan Pass
You don’t absolutely have to get a Jordan Pass when you visit, but it is highly recommended. It will save you tons of money on tons of money at sites like Petra and Jerash and will also cover your travel visa. Foreigners qualify for the pass if they are staying for more than 3 days. If you are staying for less, you will have to pay for days individually. 
On top of saving money on excursions, the Jordan pass will also get you through customs quickly. Once you have purchased the pass online, you will able to breeze through the official procedures on arrival by simply using the QR code you will receive. One Jordan Pass is around 99 USD and will more than pay for itself after one day of site-seeing.  
4.    Changes During Ramadan
The majority religion in Jordan is Islam, and every year they celebrate the holy month of Ramadan. This is said to be the month that the holy prophet Muhammad received the Koran. For this entire month, Muslims will fast from sun-up to sun down and then celebrate at night. You might find restaurants with special Ramadan menus or buffets, live music, tent vendors, and other festivities wherever you go. It is an amazing time to experience the joys of Ramadan and the welcoming atmosphere wherever you go. 
However, there are some details to be mindful of as well. Many businesses will have limited operating hours or be closed altogether. It is also seen as rude to eat, drink, or smoke in public. Make sure to take any food you buy back to your hotel and eat in private. Even drinking water in public is seen as disrespectful.  
5.    Monitor Your Safety at All Times
No matter where you travel, it’s wise to research the political climate and be mindful of your surroundings at all times. Jordan itself doesn’t experience too much violence, but visitors are advised to stay away from the borders of Syria and Iraq. So one of the most important Jordan Travel Advisories is that while participating in festivals and cultural events is encouraged, stay away from the community, political events, or anywhere else you feel you might not be welcome.  
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