In Jordan The weather is warm & dry from June to September, From December to March, the weather is colder with occasional rain.


The official currency is the Jordanian Dinar (JOD). A dollar is for 0.70 JOD. the sterling pound for 0.92 JOD & Euro for o.80 JOD.


Jordan is situated in Western Asia, bordering Saudi Arabia & at a crossroad between 3 continents, Asia, Africa & Europe.

Christmas Tours in Jordan & New Year Offers 2018/19

Are you looking for Jordan Christmas Offers 2018/19? Enjoy our Christmas Tours in Jordan & New Year Offers to visit its magical Sightseeing. These Jordan Christmas offers allows you to visit the red rose City of Petra, explore Wadi Rum magical Desert, The Roman ruins in Jerash, Madaba, Karak Castle, Mount Nebo, float in the Dead Sea salty water and more.


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