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Egypt Special Offers

The Egypt Special Offers from Memphis Tours are designed to provide you affordable deals during the Christmas holidays and Easter holidays with an exciting limited time offers to make your vacation in Egypt more charming. Explore the most beautiful parts in Egypt, both ancient and modern by selecting one of our exciting array of vacation packages and tours to enjoy the best that Egypt has to offer. Browse our Christmas vacations, Easter vacations, and the limited time offers send our Tour Specialists and they will be happy to arrange your Vacation in Egypt.

7 Tours
from $3299
11 Days
Group Tour
From 9th of April 2019

A delightful opportunity to enjoy your time on one of Egypt’s most superior Nile Cruises aboard the Sun Ray 5 Star Nile Cruise Boat at a special price! A special offer await you for 10 days sailing from Cairo along the Nile to Luxor and all its famous sites. Enjoy the Beauty of the Nature among the Nile and be taken on a Journey back in time and explre Ancient Egypt and learn everything about it's history. On this long cruise you will enjoy Cairo, Luxor and Aswan in Upper Egypt and you won't miss the amazing untouched sights between them.

from $999
6 Days
Group Tour
Every Tuesday During Summer 2019

Take advantage of this special discounted offer on the stylish Mayfair Nile cruise during Summer holidays to visit egypt for!

from $1321
8 Days
Private Tour
Everyday during summer 2019

A real treat in luxurious style with the best accommodations and sights in Egypt including all of the most famous and visited tours such as the Pyramids and Great Sphinx, Egyptian Museum of Antiquities along with more sites in Cairo. Then to Upper Egypt with Old Luxor (ancient Capital of Thebes) for Valley of the Kings, Temples and more before cruising on your luxury Nile Cruise boat along the Ancient River Nile with further Temples before reaching Nubian Aswan with excellent tours and relaxation.

from $965
7 Days
Private Tour
Every Thu & Fri From MAY to SEPT 2018

A lovely experience to discover on this 7 day special deal to Cairo including a Nile cruise. Discover the wonders of the Great Pyramids and Sphinx in Cairo, Museum and more. Then travelling on to colourful ‘Nubian’ Aswan, home to the Aswan High Dam, Temples and other exciting tours. Finally cruising down the unspoilt Nile visiting Temples enroute and ending in Ancient Luxor to visit Valley of the Kings and other fascinating sites.

from $1235
8 Days
Nile Cruise Tours
Every Monday During Summer 2019

An 8 day wonderful special offer to discover not only the famous sites in Cairo such as the Great Pyramids and Sphinx, Egyptian Museum and more, but also exploring the old ancient City of Luxor with it’s renowned archeological sites of the Valley of the Kings and Temples. Starting in Cairo then transferring to colourful Aswan, home to the friendly Nubians with tours of the High Dam and other sites. 

from $785
4 Days
Private Tour
Everyday During Summer 2019 (May - Sep)

Get away from routine and experience this special city break in Cairo to explore the historical sights in style staying at the 5 star luxury Four Seasons Hotel at the First Residence with all the ancient Pharaohnic and modern day structures in Cairo. Explore the Egyptian Museum, experience the splendor of the Pyramids of Giza and learn about the many faces on Egypt in Old Cairo: the Ben Esra Synagoge, the Hanging Church and the Islamic Cairo with it's amazing mosques.

from $1249
8 Days
Small Group Tour
17 October 2019

Pyramids, The Nile and Abu Simbel Tour over Abu Simbel Sun Festivals in Egypt. An exciting holiday to the famous historical and archaeological sites of ancient Egypt with a unique chance to watch the incredible Sun Festival event. Visit Giza Pyramids and Cairo, then explore the majestic Nile River in the royal way of kings and queens on board the luxury Dahabiy Rois.

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