Egypt Christmas & New Year Vacations

Tinsel, Tombs and Temples on this wondrous Christmas and New Year 2018/19 Egyptian Adventure! Enjoy all the festivities at Christmas and New Year holidays in Egypt on board one of our 5 Star Nile Cruise boats whilst sailing peacefully along the Nile taking in all the scenery and stopping off to visit all of the famous Temples and sights between Luxor and Aswan in Egypt. Feast yourselves on the sumptuous delights and enjoy the party atmosphere whilst soaking up the sun in Egypt and the lively on board entertainment programme every night. After feasting on the Nile, enrich your knowledge with tours in Cairo of the Ancient sites at the spectacular Pyramids and more, or relax with Egypt tours of fun and adventure to the Red Sea for diving, safaris or just total relaxation. Egypt Packages and Tours at Christmas and New Year holidays to suit all tastes.

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