About Memphis Tours

About Memphis Tours

Memphis Tours is a well-established tour operator with a longstanding reputation for providing high quality service to people from around the world seeking to explore the wonders of Egypt, as well as the Middle East and North Africa at large. As evidence of its longstanding reputation for excellence, Memphis Tours holds official tourism license No. 30, approved by The Egyptian Ministry of Tourism and classified as a category ‘A’ company, the top grade for tour operators in Egypt.

Founded in 1955, Memphis Tours has played a role in the development and expansion of tourism in Egypt into one of the most popular and unique tourist destinations in the world, granting us the perspective and experience to provide top quality service to tourists seeking to experience any of the unique adventures that Egypt and the region have to offer.

Memphis Tours management and staff are expert professionals in the travel business. They are high caliber, highly qualified and distinguished by their multi- lingual fluency. The company is managed by skilled administrators, working to ensure a high level of quality in all of its services to achieve our top priority: consistently high quality in all tour experiences.

We seek to satisfy the needs of our guests through providing them the best service possible. In order to achieve this goal, Memphis Tours has integrated the latest technology available in the travel business in order better adapt to the needs of customers and provide quality experiences. Now our clients are able to design their own programs so that their trip will satisfy all of their needs in terms of budget and accommodations, while also allowing them to build a personal experience. Memphis Tours is pleased to offer new services that make multi-destination trips in Egypt and around the region easy to plan and organize online. The ability to plan such excursions online using our website also significantly reduces costs for our clients by removing the need to employ a travel agent or other intermediaries.

We invite you to visit our site where you will be amazed when you recognize variety that Memphis Tours is able to offer you with our exciting offerings throughout Egypt and around the Middle East.

We offer a broad diversity of our tourist products, which can be combined to suit your needs:

Culture Tourism: Visit all of the ancient and historical monuments of Egypt’s long and varied history.
Recreation Tourism: Relax in one of Egypt’s many luxurious seaside resorts on the Mediterranean or the Red Sea.
Curative Tourism: Enjoy the restorative therapies available at the many springs in Egypt’s desert and along the coast.
Religious Tourism: Visit important sites in the history of Christianity & Islam or trace the route of the Holy Family.
Sports Tourism: Enjoy surfing, diving and snorkeling in the Red Sea, golfing or yachting down the ancient Nile River.
Safari Tourism: Explore the mysteries of Western deserts and oases, camping with the Bedouins who call them home.
Shore Excursions: Stop over in Egypt for a night or several and get a quick taste of all that Egypt has to offer.
Nile Cruises: Enjoy the beautiful scenery of the Nile Valley and travel down between Luxor and Aswan.
Disabled Tours: Special equipment can be provided to provide anyone access to Egypt’s wonders.
Entertainment Programs: Enjoy Sound and Light Show at the Pyramids, Whirling Dervish show in Medieval Cairo.
Festival, conference and exhibition arrangements

Memphis Tours offers you the best value for your money. We are a tour operator that is able to create any experience that our clients desire for an affordable price. Please rely on our experience and knowledge so that we can provide you an unforgettable experience provided by a honest and reliable tour operator.

Please visit the rest of our site and see the trips that we have to offer, as well as the testimonials of our past clients. We are proud of their fair judgment on the quality of our services.

Memphis Tours is an active member of the following national & international tourism organizations:
1. The Egyptian Travel Agent Association (ETAA)
2. United Nations World Tourism Organization (UNWTO)
3. The American Society of Travel Agents (ASTA)
4. The International Air Transport Association (IATA)
4. The International Association of Travel and Tourism (IATT)
5. The International Organization for the eTourism Industry (IOETI)

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