Qaitbey Fort in Alexandria

Located on the northern tip of the Eastern Harbour, Sultan Qaitbey's Fort is an Alexandrian landmark. The fort is on the original site of Pharos, Alexandria's ancient light-house, built in 279 B.C and topped with a statue of Poseidon.

Qaitbey Fortress in Alexandria, Egypt
Qaitbey Fortress in Alexandria, Egypt


Qaitbey Fort is an Alexandrian landmark, a doughty citadel buffeted by wind-borne spray, its flag forever rippling. Built during the 1480s and later beefed up by Mohammed Ali, it commands great views of the city and the spume-flecked Mediterranean. Within the restored keep there’s mosque whose minaret was blown away by the British in 1882.

The fort is thought to incorporate masonry from the legendary Pharos Ancient Alexandria’s lighthouse which once stood just offshore. One of the Seven Wonders of the ancient world, the Pharos transcended its practical role as a navigational aid and early warning system, becoming synonymous with the city itself.


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