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When travelling abroad, there are always ‘essentials’ or ‘need to know’ snippets of information that are required by you in order to make the most of your holiday. Here in Egypt, Memphis Tours aims to give you all of the required information offering maps of Egypt for locations, travel requirements, clothing, specialised tours relating to yearly celebrations and religious festivals and more. In this section you will find the answer to all of your questions.

Not everyone chooses to travel as part of a large group or on an all inclusive package. These days, individual travellers, couples, families and smaller groups like to plan their own itineraries and choose more ‘off the beaten track’ locations. Therefore, here at memphis tours, we are pleased to offer our clients a more personal service with Private Tours and Guides at your request and to whatever locations you require. ‘Your wish is our command’

The Red Sea Coast and the Sinai Peninsula have an extraordinary abundance of ‘things to do’ to suit all tastes and ages. Besides the extremely popular resorts of Sharm el Sheikh and Hurghada, there is a huge variety of activities ranging from diving and snorkeling in the beautiful Red Sea, to boat activities, desert safaris and more. Day trips to nearby ancient  St Catherine’s Monastery and Mount Moses along with further afield trips to Luxor and cairo are also available.

The Nile Valley has always been considered to be the greenest part of Egypt due to the ancient river providing water enabling the plants and crops to be more fertile with acres of green fields along the Nile delta from Upper egypt almost up to the Mediterranean Sea. 
Its history is not only of the valleys and fields, but of Ancient Egyptian history of Temples and Tombs deliberately places near the Nile to provide better irrigation and water supplies. This section will surprise and inform you of many locations and sites to see along with practical advice whilst visiting the beautiful country of Egypt.

As with all countries that have vast deserts and plains, you will always find an array of lush Oases, and Egypt is no exception. Ranging from area such as Fayoum with its Lake Qaroun, Pyramids and Oasis, to Bahariya Oasis with the White and Black Deserts, Farafra Oasis, Dakhla Oasis, Kharga Oasis, historical Siwa Oasis and more. This section also provides you with practical information when travelling through these regions including the Valley of El Heiz Western Desert in Egypt and more.

Golfing Holidays have become increasingly popular over the last decade or so. Egypt has an extensive range of exclusive Golf Ranges throughout Egypt and easily bookable before arrival. From Cairo, to Luxor, Alexandria, the Red Sea Resorts and even stretching as far as the Sinai, all with superb facilities and hire of equipments should it be required.

Egypt always was and always will be one of the world’s best diving spots due to the Red Sea with its incredible colourful coral reefs, and unusual sealife and creatures. Besides this, there are several excellent locations for wreck diving and hidden ancient underwater cities and monuments as in Greco- roman Alexandria. With the very best diving instructors and diving schools worldwide, Egypt is a haven for those avid divers and beginners alike

Step back in time and imagine yourself in a huge port City during Greco- Roman times. A bustling Port with trade coming and going under the rule of Alexander the great. Many attractions and tours still remain in Alexandria such as the Ancient Catacombs, Old Citadel Fort of Qaitbey, Pompey’s Pillar, wreck diving to see underwater treasures from these times and more
Cairo is usually the first stop in Egypt for any discerning Traveller due to the world famous ‘Seven wonders of the World’, that of the 3 step Pyramids at Giza and the Sphinx. 
Along with this is also the renowned Egyptian Museum of Antiquities, a vast Museum hosting the worlds best and largest collection of Pharaonic treasures including the Mask of the Boy King Tutankhamun. Other interesting spots to explore are Memphis and Saqqara, Khan Khalili Old Bazaar, Old Coptic Cairo and a host of other locations waiting for you to explore!

Fayoum is another one of Egypt’s ‘hidden gems’. A lovely city with a history often forgotten, hosting 2 Pyramids, the beautiful Lake Qaroun with an abundance of wildlife, waterfalls, an Oasis and pottery houses to discover the ancient pottery still made from many centuries ago.

Known as the world’s largest ‘Open Air Museum’ for its sheer number of ancient sites and attractions within a small city, Luxor (which was the old Capital known as Thebes) has an extensive array of treasures ranging from the famous Valley of the Kings, where Howard Carter discovered the tomb of King Tutankhamun, hundreds of other Tombs, Karnak and Luxor Temples, the Temple of Queen Hatshepsut and Ramses Temple. Besides all of this are 2 Museums, balloon rides, Luxor city and Market and much more to explore

Often sitting in the shadow of Luxor due to it’s famous sites, Aswan is unique in it’s own right having the wonderful Nubian culture of colour and history, along with contemporary modern structures such as the Aswan high Dam which mixes with the old Pharaonic history such as Philae Temple, the Unfinished Obelisk and more. Nubian villages light up the West Bank of Aswan with their colourful houses, whilst the City of Aswan has its delightful market with the sweet smell of incense and herbs.

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