Egypt and Multi Countries Tours
An incredible, diverse selection of Ancient and New exciting tours and adventures offered to several Countries mixing cultures, history, and Modern society. From Cairo’s Egyptian Pyramids, Museum, Luxor and Aswan River Nile Cruises, and the Beautiful Red Sea, to Jordan’s famous site of Red Rose city’s ancient Nabateans of Petra, Roman, Christian and Islamic. Turkey Istanbul’s lively modern City, ancient sites, Blue Mosque, Ottoman Empire history, Islamic and fine masterpieces of art. Morocco’s Casablanca, Rabat, Marrakech and Dubai, a sprawling modern metropolis, Ancient cultural sites and heritage areas, Arabian wind towers, Dubai Creek, Forts and Museums. Combine these monumental destinations to suit your own requirements.

An exciting new way to discover two Ancient civilisations is on these Egypt and Jordan tours.

Explore our Egypt and Turkey touring holidays. Tailor-make your own tour to Egypt and Turkey now!
Different cultures and fascinating experiences await you on this Egypt and Morocco exploration.
Get more out of your holiday and explore Greece's most beautiful island and Ancient Egypt with our combo tours. Select one of our tours and save time and money to enjoy Greece with its classical Greek History from Athens to Crete and Egypt with its Pharaonic history and wonderful temples.
A journey into past and present civilisations in this fascinating exploration of Egypt and Dubai.
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